I think it’s time to start this blog.

At the Boudanath Stupa in Kathmandu, Nepal in 2018.

I’ve been considering writing a blog for years now. I’ve actually started and restarted blogs multiple times, but I never really had the guts to hit “publish”. I think my main issue in the past was that I didn’t really know what to write about. If I’m being honest, I was also afraid to fail. Blogging is new territory and I really don’t know if I’ll be any good at it. Will I love it? Will I stick with it? Will others like it? Will my blog just royally suck? Who knows? But I’m gunna give it a go!

Why do I want to write a blog?

Trekking Demba Hill with a group in Nepal in 2018.

My life drastically changed this past year. Back in December, I left my senior leadership role at MCC—an international nonprofit—and then…. BANG! Global pandemic. I was hoping to quickly find something new after a much-needed break, but it didn’t quite work out that way. COVID-19 made the job search more difficult. When I wasn’t writing applications, I poured myself into things that I love: Netflix and wine. Kidding (sorta). But seriously, when I wasn’t watching The Office and sipping Merlot, I started designing and writing this blog, sharing past and recent photos on Instagram, and dreaming about what is becoming Out & Across.

I’m not one of those if-you-didn’t-do-something-super-productive-during-quarantine-then-you’re-an-unmotivated-sloth kind of people. Our lives are different, and some of us have no “extra” time during this pandemic. But being home created space for me to explore this new creative project. I also checked some other items off my looming to-do list—like growing a beard. I think I rocked it. Please don’t tell me otherwise. I like believing I once looked as cool as Jason Momoa in Frontier….

But back to the point: Starting this blog has been a new challenge and a somewhat therapeutic process. This creative outlet helps motivate me to do more of the things that I love. That’s reason enough to do it, right? Oh, and I’ve recently started a new position with another international nonprofit… so that feels good, too!

What will my blog be about?

Hiking East End of Rundle in Alberta, Canada in 2020.

All of the “How to Start a Blog” blog posts I’ve read boil down to one question: What am I passionate about? If I’m going to write and maybe have others read, I should probably be enthusiastic about my content. So I decided to focus on adventure—outdoors and travelling. It turns my crank!

My love of adventure is only one part of me, but it’s a big part. Many of my favourite memories are outdoors: in the forest, on a river or lake, on a mountain, and around a campfire. Canada is an incredible outdoor playground. I want to spend more and more time in nature. I’ve also been privileged to see other parts of the world. When my 18-year-old self boarded a plane from Halifax to Nairobi, my world began to grow and shrink. That was the beginning. My curious spirit and value for global connection continues to grow. That’s what I’ll share with you.

I hope this project stirs up your inner adventurer and curious spirit. Anyone can adventure, and maybe my experience will be helpful for you. But just so you know, I’m not an adventure expert. I’m just an ordinary guy with the desire and drive to explore.

I want to say “I did “

Have you seen the new Netflix series Win the Wilderness? In 1986, Duane Ose trekked into the Alaskan interior to become the last homesteader in the United States. In the show, it’s time for him and his wife, Rena, to leave behind their beloved home. They host a competition with six couples from the UK to see who will become the new residents on Ose Mountain. Duane explains that many people say “I wish I had” but he can say “I did”. When I’m old and gray, I’ll hopefully look back on these blog posts and remember what it was like to camp here and travel there. I want to be able to say “I did”. Don’t we all? And maybe this’ll be riveting reading by the time I’m 90…. I guess we’ll find out.

Here we go!

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2 thoughts

  1. It warms my heart to hear you speak in such a passionate way and for you to have found an interest that will turn you on and who knows where it might take you , a long ways from Margaretville I’m sleepy Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley beautiful for sure but somewhat lauded back ! I wish you all the best and will be one who will follow your blog
    Regards Tony Cochrane

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