Hey, I’m Thomas. The guy behind Out and Across.

I’ve always loved exploring. I have had some incredible adventures in Canada and in other countries around the world. If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you share my adventurous spirit. Perhaps you’re trying to spend more time outdoors or explore somewhere new? Or maybe you want to experience a familiar place in a new way? If that sounds like you, you’re in good company!

Right now, I’m a part-time blogger. I work in the international development sector, encouraging Canadians to learn and take action as global citizens. Through my work, I’ve visited several different countries and have become passionate about sustainable travel. On a similar note, I’ve grown to love the great outdoors through countless camping, hiking, and paddling trips. And, of course, more to come.

In 2020, I started Out and Across as a personal creative project. Today, it’s developing into an outdoor adventure resource for people like you. I’m sharing hours of planning, success stories, mistakes and mishaps to help you plan your next adventure. I want us all to get out there better—taking care of nature, ourselves, and each other. Through Out and Across, I’ll share ideas and inspiration and first-hand reports for outdoor adventures and sustainable travel. I’d love to hear from you, too.

9 Things You May Already Know About Me

1) I’m a Bluenoser. Growing up in Nova Scotia, I loved searching for crabs and starfish on the Bay of Fundy shores…. still do. Places I’ve lived: Margaretsville and Victoria Vale, Nova Scotia; Moncton, New Brunswick; Ottawa, Ontario; Calgary, Alberta; Letang, New Brunswick.

2) I’m a paddler. I’ve been canoeing for as long as I can remember. In the past, I’ve gone on several multi-day canoe trips on rivers and lakes, and was a Paddle Canada certified instructor for several seasons at summer camp. I rarely pass up the chance to get back in a canoe!

3) Calgary was home for six years. I honestly can’t say what I love more: ocean or mountains. I absolutely loved living next to the Rockies. Though, when I first arrived in Western Canada, I was fairly terrified of grizzlies…. I’ve since learned to manage that fear and have had some amazing (and safe) encounters on the trails.

4) I’ve never been on a roller coaster. Life’s all the roller coaster I need (!).

5) Halifax to London to Nairobi was my first flight path ever. At 18-years-old, I travelled to Kenya for a short-term volunteer trip. Since then, I’ve built my career in the international development sector and have travelled to 16 different countries. Two of my favourite experiences: Hiking up Demba Hill in Nepal to visit a community and seeing a lion pride on the Masai Mara in Kenya.

6) I studied sociology and international development. As I mentioned, I’ve been working in the international nonprofit sector since finishing university. I currently coordinate Veterinarians Without Borders Canada’s volunteer program in Africa and Asia. I work with some amazing people!

7) I love learning about gear. Working part-time at SAIL outdoor store in Ottawa helped pay for graduate studies (and for my gear…).

8) I’ve driven across Canada six times. Canada is a massive country. The distance from Halifax to Vancouver is somewhere around 6,000 km. Everyone should road trip across the country at lease once. I’ve barely scratched the surface… but I know where to find some good ice cream spots!

9) I like being outside all year round. In the spring, summer, and fall, I love planning multi-day camping trips or heading out on a day hike or paddle. In the winter months, I’ve been getting more into cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and winter hiking.

Are you looking to stretch your abilities with new experiences? Preparation and the right attitude make all the difference (and good gear never hurts!). Whether you’re a novice outdoor adventurer or a seasoned explorer, I hope you keep getting out there. Try something new. Who knows where it’ll take you.

I’d love to keep in touch and learn from your adventures, too. Send me an email (I read and respond to every one) or find me on Facebook or Instagram.

Alright—that’s enough for now. See you out there!

Thomas is proud to be an ambassador for Level Six, a Canadian company dedicated to high-quality and sustainable paddling gear.

Learn more about the Level Six and purchase paddling gear at levelsix.com.

Out and Across is a proud partner of Leave No Trace Canada, promoting responsible and sustainable outdoor recreation.

Learn more about the Leave No Trace Seven Principles and outdoor ethics at leavenotrace.ca.

Thomas is an instructor member with Paddle Canada, the national association for recreational paddling in Canada. He is also a member of Canoe Kayak New Brunswick.

Find out more about Paddle Canada instruction and certification at paddlecanada.com.