Are you planning a trip to Fogo Island? I highly suggest adding Brimstone Head Hiking Trail to your list! After a short ferry ride, head over to Brimstone Head Park to stretch your legs. Brimstone Head Trail offers dramatic rocky scenery without too much effort. Even folks who are not ‘big hikers’ will enjoy this one.

Brimstone Head Hiking Trail on Fogo Island
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Brimstone Head Hiking Trail near the Town of Fogo on Fogo Island, Newfoundland.

I visited Brimstone Head Trail last summer. In July, I took the ferry from North Sydney to Port Aux Basque to experience Newfoundland for the very first time. In a couple of weeks, I explored western and central Newfoundland and barely scratched the surface. July was the perfect time to visit. I’m so glad I made the trip!

Once you reach Fogo Island, stop at the visitor centre for insider tips and tricks. You can download the Discover Fogo Island app to help guide your stay. Not too far from the visitor centre (nothing is really ‘far’ on Fogo Island!), Brimstone Head Hiking Trail offers the perfect place for a quick jaunt on the coast.

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About Brimstone Head Hiking Trail

Brimstone Head Hiking Trail views
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Climb to the top of Brimstone Head for views of the area.

Location: Fogo Island, Newfoundland and Labrador
Distance: 3.4 km partial loop
Difficulty: Easy to moderate
Elevation: 100 m elevation gain
Time: 1 – 1.5 hours
Dog-friendly: Yes, but dogs remain on a leash.
Features: Brimstone Head Hiking Trail is located in the Town of Fogo on Fogo Island. Brimstone Head is a rocky peninsula that juts out into the North Atlantic Ocean and, according to the Flat Earth Society, is one of the four corners of the world. The hike offers panoramic views of the rugged coastline and the surrounding area.

Brimstone Head Hiking Trail view of cove
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Back Cove from the top of Brimstone Head.

Finding the Trailhead

Brimstone Head Hiking Trail parking
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Parking available at the Fogo Harbour Lion’s Club.

You shouldn’t have much trouble finding the Brimstone Head trailhead. After reaching Fogo Island, the drive to the Town of Fogo on Hwy 333 takes about 25 minutes. Drive through the town and find parking at Fogo Harbour Lion’s Club next to Brimstone Head RV Park.

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Brimstone Head Hiking Trail map
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Map of Brimstone Head hike at the trailhead.

Fogo Island Ferry: How To Get To Fogo Island

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Plenty of seating on the Fogo Island ferry.

After my trip to Twillingate, I decided to head over to Fogo Island for a day and a night. Somewhat pressed for time, I caught the earliest ferry possible and arrived an hour before departure. Fogo Island is a popular tourist destination in the summer so the ferry line can fill up. You can find the ferry schedule here. The ferry costs about $25 return for a vehicle and driver.

Tip: Arrive at least an hour before departure during the summer months. I’m glad I listened to this local insight. Many visitors travel to Fogo Island for the day and return on the last ferry. If you can, plan to spend at least one night on the island. In my opinion, it’s absolutely worth it!

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Soakin’ up these coastal views!

Brimstone Head Trail Unmissable Fogo Island Hike!

Brimstone Head Hiking Trail summit
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Stairs up to the main lookout on Brimstone Head.

After reaching Fogo Island around 9am, I made my way to the visitor centre and then up to the Town of Fogo. I had planned to enjoy Brimstone Head Trail as my first hike of the day. Thankfully, the weather was perfect to enjoy an hour outside!

After finding the trailhead, I started the short hike around 10:20am and finished in an hour (including photo breaks, of course). Most visitors will take about an hour for this hike. Don’t forget to check out Simm’s Beach and Fosters Pond. Then climb the stairs up to the main lookout for panoramic views on a clear day.

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Brimstone Head Hiking Trail path
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Nicely groomed path toward Brimstone Head.
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Carefully walk on the wet boardwalk.
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So many blueberries in July!
Brimstone Head Hiking Trail beach
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Simm’s Beach is a nice spot to check out on the way to Fosters Pond.
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Fireweed growing next to the path.
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Fosters Pond next to homes in the Town of Fogo.
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Looking back toward the parking lot on my way up Brimstone Head.
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Exercise caution on the rock outcrop — it’s a long way down!
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I was impressed with the trail infrastructure and signage.
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Dangling over one of the four corners of the world!

Know Before You Go

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Looking toward Back Cove from the top of Brimstone Head.

Parking: Parking is available at the Lion’s Club, a short walk from the Brimstone Head trailhead. There’s no fee for parking, but consider giving a donation to help support trail maintenance.

Difficulty: If you’re reasonably fit, Brimstone Head won’t offer too much of a challenge. However, be prepared to climb stairs and walk on slippery boardwalk. I didn’t find hiking pole necessary, but you could bring a pair (like these).

Toilets: Toilets are available in the Brimstone Head RV Park.

Weather: It doesn’t matter what time of year you visit. Be prepared for rain and fog on Fogo Island! I lucked out big time weather-wise, but I brought my rain shell along just in case.

Camping: You can book an overnight stay at Brimstone Head Park.

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Town of Fogo with Brimstone Head in the background.

Fogo Island Camping: Brimstone Head Park

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Camping options available to Brimstone Head Park.

Looking for a place to pitch your tent on Fogo Island? You can book a tent site at Brimstone Head RV Park. The park is definitely geared toward RV users, but the tent sites by the ocean looked nice enough for a night or two. Book your stay by calling 709-266-7495.

I spent the night at a cottage on the south shore called Escape by the Sea, which was much appreciated after several nights in my tent. An excellent choice!

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Brimstone Head Park is located near the Town of Fogo.

Brimstone Head Hiking Trail Map

Have you hiked Brimstone Head Trail? Any other hiking trails on Fogo Island that you enjoy? Let me know in the comments below!

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