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Stunning view of Barrier Lake from the first lookout.

About Yates Mountain

Kananaskis Valley views from Yates Mountain
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Looking down the Kananaskis Valley.

Location: Barrier Dam, Kananaskis Country
Distance: 12.5 km out and back
Difficulty: Moderate
Elevation: 550 metre gain
Time: Approx. 3 – 4 hours
Dog-friendly: Yes, but must be kept on leash.
Features: Yates Mountain isn’t the most spectacular hike at first, with about 5 kilometres of gentle grade hiking through the forest. However, once you get out of the woods, you’re greeted by one of the best views of Barrier Lake and Mount Baldy around! From this lookout, continue up to another lookout and then up to the final summit.

Hiking Yates Mountain via Prairie View Trail
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A friendly hiker offered to take a photo. Thank you, friendly hiker!

Finding the Trailhead

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You’ll have no trouble finding this popular trailhead. Prairie View Trail begins in the Barrier Lake Parking Area, about 2 km south of the Kananaskis Visitor Centre on the right. This drive took less than an hour from my home in Calgary. Oh, and there’s an outhouse next to the parking lot if needed.

From the parking area, follow the dirt road across Barrier Dam (don’t worry, it gets better!) and continue into the woods on Prairie View. This trail is well marked with maps and signs, though you won’t find “Yates Mountain” anywhere. Follow the Prairie View Trail. AllTrails has a useful digital map that I downloaded before the hike.

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Yates Mountain trail begins at Barrier Dam
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Follow the dirt road along Barrier Dam.
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Lots of people enjoying Barrier Lake on a hot day.

Hiking the Prairie View Trail

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Prairie View Trail connects to Stoney Trail and Jewell Pass.

The hike up Yates Mountain, at least initially, is somewhat underwhelming. The real views don’t show up until about 5 kilometres into the hike. That being said, the it’s always nice to spend time outdoors in the forest.

Give yourself 3 to 4 hours to hike out and back. I hiked about 3.5 hours, including several stops for photos and a longer rest at the top. The out and back distance is about 12.5 km.

As far as Kananaskis trails go, the hike to the first lookout is quite accessible with moderate grades and nothing really technical. However, the second lookout and the final Barrier Lake Fire Lookout require hiking steeper and more challenging terrain. But it’s still manageable for intermediate hikers (or beginners with some gumption!).

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Look back for views of Mount Baldy on your way up Yates Mountain.
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The trees provide nice shade on a hot day.

Yates Mountain Summit—Barrier Lake Lookout Trail

Barrier Lake views from Yates Mountain
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Greats views!

After the first lookout, there’s only about one kilometre and 135 metres to the Barrier Lake Fire Lookout. The trail becomes steeper and rockier, so I’d recommend bringing hiking poles for the descent. You’ll also need to do a bit of trail finding, but the orange tags are helpful.

At the summit, there’s a helicopter landing pad and a fire lookout home. Respect the posted signs and do not enter the property without permission. A few hikers mentioned that they were permitted to cross the property for some better views, so anything can happen.

It’s possible to do the Yates Mountain hike as a loop instead of an out and back. This involves staying west on Prairie View and connecting with Jewell Pass. This loop involves several additional kilometres. You could head up to the Yates Summit and then return down, but quickly pivot west toward Jewell Pass. Alternatively, you could skip the summit (which I wouldn’t suggest!) and simply head toward Jewell Pass. From what I’ve heard, adding Jewell Pass to your list is a good idea. I’ll have to return to experience it someday.

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The road along Barrier Dam from above.
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Prairie View Trail connects with Barrier Lake Lookout Trail.
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Rocks and roots on the steep trail.
Yates Mountain lookout
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The second lookout point.
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Follow the orange tags to the Yates Mountain summit.
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Male dusky grouse displaying.
Yates Mountain views of the Bow Valley
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Stunning views of the Bow Valley.
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Be respectful that someone lives up here to protect the area from fires.
Yates Mountain summit
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Enjoy lunch with Mount Yamnuska off in the distance.

Know Before You Go

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The views just keep getting better!

As of June 1, the Kananaskis Conservation Pass is required for vehicles in K-Country. Register your license plate (up to two vehicles per household). Pass can also be purchased at the visitor centre. I forgot to purchase mine beforehand, so I pulled over and bought online.

Several different trails connect to Prairie View, so it’s helpful to have a map and/or GPS with you. This may be a shorter and easier hike for some, but you’ll want to make sure you bring enough water along (there is no water source past Barrier Lake). Hiking poles may be helpful as well.

Kananaskis is prime grizzly territory. Remember to bring bear spray (and know how to use it!), hike in a group if you can (I often hike solo), and talk often and loudly. Don’t bother with bear bells. I picked up a little wildlife deterrent (airhorn) at MEC recently, too.

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Two young grizzlies eating next to Highway 40 in Kananaskis.

Have you hiked Yates Mountain via Prairie View Trail? What was your experience like? Let me know in the comments below.

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Yates Mountain hike view of Barrier Lake
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